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You control your car or truck's transmission by operating the shifter.

What a Transmission Does

Your car or truck's transmission transfers power from the engine to the wheels. The flow of power goes like this: The engine creates the power, the transmission converts and manages the power and turns the drive shafts; and the drive shaft transfer the power ultimately to the wheels.

The transmission is located in the drive train between the engine and drive shaft(s).

What Can Go Wrong

If your transmission breaks, then your car or truck cannot move. It’s that simple. The engine may be fine, but if power cannot be sent to the wheels, then the car won’t move.

Preventing Damage

Your transmission should be inspected regularly, with fluids exchanged as part of scheduled maintenance.

When Something Goes Wrong

Transmissions are the single most complicated component of any car or truck. So when it’s time to have your transmission repaired, rebuilt, or replaced, you need to be sure the mechanics know what they are doing. The ASE certified mechanics of A&B Transmission and Auto Service specialize in transmission service – including transmission inspection, transmission repair, and transmission replacement.


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