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Water Pump Repair and Water Pump Replacement

Engine Cooling System

The water pump is an important component of your engine's cooling system. The water pump on your car or truck’s engine pushes coolant through the radiator and through chambers in the the engine, thereby keeping the engine from overheating.

What Can Go Wrong

Over time your water pump may leak coolant and even fail to operate. If the coolant levels become drop too much, then your engine will overheat; And that can cause expensive damage to your engine and attached components.

What You Should Do

As part of scheduled maintenance, the coolant levels should be checked and operating temperature verified to be within normal limits.

If a problem is found, A&B Auto technicians can repair your water pump or replace the water pump if necessary. Standard cooling system maintenance typically includes coolant exchange, topping-off of engine coolant, repair of water pump, or water pump replacement.

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