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At A&B this is what we specialize in. With the technological advances being made in the automotive industry, the days of simple transmission repairs may be gone forever. You need a Service Department that KNOWS what they are doing. The following symptoms may indicate a problem with your transmission:

  • Engine overheating
  • Your car fails to move when cold, but improves once it is warmed up
  • Unusual noises, such as a whining sound when you step on the accelerator, a grinding noise, or a banging noise when you come to a stop
  • The need to add transmission fluid
  • Red, pink, or brown puddles under your car
  • The engine speeds up when you apply the gas, but the car doesn't
  • Thumping or lagging when shifting
  • Failing or delaying when shifting

Our Transmission Repair Process

Our Transmission Repair process has made us the most trusted name in the business. We get to the problem and get it fixed fast. Here's how:

  • We do a thorough physical examination of the drive train, looking for leaks or damage.
  • We test drive the vehicle to be sure we understand the symptoms.
  • We use up to date diagnostic software to pinpoint the problem.
  • We repair the transmission on the premises, we do our own bench work, trusting our experience.
  • We reinstall the transmission, run a diagnostic check and test drive the vehicle.
  • We warrantee our work.

Our Services

  • Fluid level checks
  • Fluid condition check looking for burnt or varnished fluid
  • Road test and diagnostic questioning
  • Software driven diagnosis to isolate the problem
  • We use up to date OEM software
  • Strong Alliances Within the Automotive Service Industry


  • External Inspection of Drive Train
  • Drain transmission fluid and replace with new fluid
  • Replace filter and gaskets
  • Run system and leak check


 Repairs vary with the vehicle. What's important to know about our facility is our experience and that all "Bench Work" is done in house.

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